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Get Involved with Fanjoy Cooking Up Change™

What is Fanjoy Cooking Up Change?

Fanjoy Cooking Up Change is a national not-for-profit established in 2021. Fanjoy Cooking Up Change will use food, interactive cooking classes, food education programs that build life skills and innovative counselling programs to improve the mental and physical health of individuals, youth and families across the lifespan. In addition, the organization will address the intersectionality of food insecurity, employment, mental health and need for stable housing with a focus currently on youth.

How is Fanjoy Cooking Up Change funded?

Fanjoy Cooking Up Change programs are funded by several corporate sponsors and partnering organizations. As a new not-for-profit, the organization welcomes donations and contributions to support its mandate.

How can I donate to Fanjoy Cooking Up Change?

Please click here to donate through PayPal (you can pay by credit card - a  PayPal account is not required).


Is Fanjoy Cooking Up Change a registered charity? Can I get a tax receipt?

Fanjoy Cooking Up Change is not yet a registered charity and is not able to provide charitable tax receipts at this time.


How can I get involved with Fanjoy Cooking Up Change?

We are currently looking for volunteers in various roles, donors who can make our programs this fall a reality for youth in need and corporate sponsors who would like to help build out our new culinary studio in Hillsburgh this summer.

At Fanjoy we are always seeking innovative, bright and ambitious volunteers to join our community. We are revolutionizing how mental health services are provided to youth and families and you can be part of this exciting adventure by volunteering.

At Fanjoy, we strongly believe that money should never be a barrier to succeed in life. Especially, when it comes to mental health, food access, nutrition and well-being. Your generous donation will help us make our programs accessible. 

If you are a company, trust or a corporate foundation that shares our values and mission and would like to contribute financially or in the form of in-kind donations to support the sustainability of our project, please contact us about corporate involvement.

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