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Fanjoy Bursary

Fanjoy Bursary

Please note that we are not accepting any Fanjoy Bursary Applications at this time. We will re-assess based on funding available in the new year.  

Thank you for taking the time to consider Fanjoy Junior Chef Culinary Programs for your child or teen to participate in with us. It is our intention to ensure that all youth have access to our specialized cooking classes if they would benefit from our program. These Fanjoy Bursaries are made possible with the generous contributions of private donors, Corporate Sponsorships, and grants received from funding organizations of Fanjoy Cooking Up Change, a NFP that supports the Fanjoy Junior Chef Programs being accessible for underprivileged youth whose families are currently challenged to pay the full fee for service.

Available funds vary each month and will depend on the value and number of direct donations received by Fanjoy from supporters. 

We believe that all families, and youth, have gifts to contribute and that our youth need a community of diverse, brave and positive adults around them to thrive – especially during adolescence.  As a result, when your family becomes part of the “Fanjoy family,” you will become part of a group that is collectively building out the vision of a Centre where youth and family come together to learn together, share food and create more JOY in their lives.

We hope that you will both ASK for what you need to make that happen, and GIVE what you can. Consider what your own gifts are and as you can, how you can contribute to building our community. That may be through paying a partial fee, donating your time as a volunteer, promoting your child’s experiences on social media and tagging us, or helping with our Fanjoy Junior Chef™ teaching Garden this summer.  We look forward to learning what your own unique gifts are and how you will join us.

Once your application is received, we will do our best to get back to you within 2 business days to discuss your application. All bursaries must be used for the specific program and dates offered and can not be carried over to other programs.

* Please note that bursaries are only available for families in need, and agencies, Not for Profits and Charities that receive government funding are NOT eligible to apply, even on behalf of families that they may be working with.  We are however, happy for agencies to contact us directly so we can discuss how we can collaborate on joint projects, grant applications or how Fanjoy can be be a third party service provider for your agency. 

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